Food and Wine

The food and wine of Trieste is the result of the meeting between the spices brought by maritime trade, the blue fish of the Adriatic Sea, meats, vegetables and grapes grown and cultivated in a harsh land like the Karst region, which encompasses the city ​​with its higher ground. Only a few kilometres to the West, the karst rocks give way to gentle slopes of the Collio, where they produce the best white wines in Italy and the renowned San Daniele prosciutto. Then to finish the meal there are always traditional desserts and an obligatory cup of coffee.


A simple drink or meeting place? Tradition or innovation? In Trieste, coffee is all that and much more, because here you will find the only University of coffee! The centre of excellence established to promote and disseminate coffee culture throughout the world with the quality desired by Illy, a brand leader in the production of espresso blends. Today, it is the contemporary face of a history dating back to the eighteenth century, since coffee has been processed and produced in Trieste, but above all you drink it with style in the elegant historic city bars.