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Trieste excites emotions: the beautiful nineteenth century buildings overlooking the Rive, the intimate cafes where you can taste the best espressos in the world, castles from the glorious past, churches of many different religions that make the city a capital of tolerance and multi-religiosity, retrace the past which is rich in charm by strolling in the old town between the hill of San Giusto and the Grand Canal, the vibrancy of the cultural offer, ranging from museums, theatres and arrives at its culinary arts; a veritable mosaic of tastes and aromas.



In the extreme south-eastern province of Trieste, enclosed between the border of Slovenia and the Gulf of Trieste, is the town of Muggia. It is the last and only patch of Istria in the Italian territory with marked characteristics of Venetian culture: the dialect, the gastronomical traditions, the Venetian Gothic style of some houses, the tortuous streets and especially the main square, which is an authentic Venetian campiello.

Even today the air you breathe in this small town is special, walking through the characteristics streets and the beautiful Piazza Marconi, the heart of the town, or stopping in Mandracchio to observe fishermen intent on their work. Among the events that characterise the socio-cultural life of the town, the colourful Muggesano Carnival with its floats and sumptuous costumes of the parade transforms the city during the seven days of the event in true open-air theatre.


Miramare Castle: Miramare Castle, surrounded by a lush park full of precious botanic species, enjoys a fantastic panoramic location, as it is located on the sea, on the tip of the Grignano promontory that juts into Gulf of Trieste at about ten kilometres from city. Established around the middle of the nineteenth century by the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg together with his wife Charlotte of Belgium, offers the unique testimony of a luxurious noble house preserved with its original interior decor.


Castle of San Giusto: from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, the Gulf and the Karst region.


Piazza Unità d’Italia: it is the largest square in Europe that faces onto the sea and is considered the heart of Trieste. The XVII and XIX century buildings that surround the piazza are home to the offices of the Municipality, the Prefecture and the headquarters of the Region.


Arco di Riccardo: built in 33 BC it is located in Piazzetta Barbacan and owes its name to the belief that King Richard of England it has gone through it when he returned from the Crusades.